Frequently Asked Questions:

What is AIDN-WA?

The Australian Industry and Defence Network of Western Australia is the peak body for businesses and related agencies within Western Australia’s $620 million defence sector. AIDN-WA is committed to representing the interests of WA’s defence sector, and providing it with a collective voice. 

It is an incorporated association entirely financed by the annual fees of members, and exists to pursue the interests of its members and the industry as a whole. It is a not-for-profit organisation and has no paid staff. 

What is AIDN National? 

AIDN-WA has been a state chapter of the AIDN national organisation since its affiliation in 1995, though the arrangement gives the organisation’s state chapters considerable autonomy. The functions of AIDN National are similar to those of its component chapters, but carried out at a national level. It has a combined membership in excess of 800 nation-wide. 

Does AIDN-WA have paid staff? 

All AIDN-WA staff are unpaid volunteers, committing their own time to the organisation on top of their existing careers. 

How do I join AIDN-WA, and how much does it cost? 

Potential members can follow the instructions given under the “Join AIDN-WA” tab at the top of this webpage. 

Link: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/pages/join

What sort of benefits does AIDN-WA give to its members? 

Benefits of membership include:

  • The publication of your company profile on the AIDN-WA and AIDN-National web sites, providing nationwide exposure.
  • Access to the AIDN ExtraNet, which offers updates on Sector news and events nationally.
  • Policy updates, articles and other useful information.
  • Access to all member events.
  • A weekly email containing current Defence tender information.
  • A 6 month FREE listing in the Australian Defence Magazine Directory of Defence Suppliers.
  • A 3 month FREE trial ADM Premium Subscription, which gives you access to the magazine, the premium newsletter and an online access to the offerings of this respected medium of Defence information, discussion and debate.
  • Policy advocacy for Western Australian Defence Industry via periodic policy statements and submissions to government Whitepapers. 
  • The satisfaction of being allied with an association that represents your interests, and those of the sector as a whole.

What is the Sir John Forrest Oration? 

AIDN-WA’s keynote event for the year is the annual Sir John Forrest Oration, featuring high profile figures from the military, analysts and industry (usually sourced interstate or internationally). The night is split into three parts, with speeches from those featured, a Q&A panel session and fully catered networking opportunities with the speakers. The 2014 Forrest Oration featured General Jeff Sengelman, Chief of Army Modernisation and Planning, and two IHS Jane’s analysts. 

What kind of events does AIDN-WA hold, and how often? 

AIDN-WA conducts a series of regular events throughout the year, in order to raise the profile of the defence sector and stimulate public debate, 
This schedule includes:

  • High profile speaker and networking events, including our flagship annual event, the Sir John Forrest Oration.
  • Regular tours of defence sector installations and facilities.
  • Annual roundtable discussions, as exemplified by our flagship annual dialogue, the WA Defence Workshop.
  • Social and networking events, such as our annual End of Financial Year Networking Function

See Past Events tab for further details at: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/pages/past-events 

How can I sponsor an event?

AIDN-WA has sponsorship packages available for those who wish to make monetary contributions towards its events. 

Please see the Upcoming Events tab for more details

What is AIDN-WA’s policy on circulating advertising material from its members? 

AIDN-WA has a policy of only circulating information that will be of direct benefit to all of its members. This precludes paid advertising, and events without a direct connection to defence industry. 

Does AIDN-WA have reciprocal membership arrangements with other organisations?

AIDN-WA is open to reciprocal membership arrangements with other peak industry bodies. Any inquiries should be directed towards the Secretary-Treasurer at the details listed under the Contact Us tab. 

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