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Industry Networking and Seminar Series
AIDN-WA hosts three major evening events annually (including the John Forrest Oration), which are usually theme based on an aspect interrelated to WA’s defence sector interests. These events include up to three speakers per event, representing government, the armed forces and industry. They also give excellent opportunities for networking, and allow for brief panel style discussions. For example in 2014 we held events based on DSTO’s CTD Programme, Defence Industry and opportunities in the Indian Ocean Region.

Sir John Forrest Oration

AIDN-WA’s keynote event for the year is the annual Sir John Forrest Oration, featuring high profile figures from the military, analysts and industry (usually sourced interstate or internationally). The night is split into three parts, with speeches from those featured, a Q&A panel session and fully catered networking opportunities with the speakers. The 2014 Forrest Oration featured General Jeff Sengelman, Chief of Army Modernisation and Planning, and two IHS Jane’s analysts.
Defence Sector Site Tours

Visits to defence industrial sites and military installations are organised up to four times a year. These offer the opportunity to see WA’s defence and industrial capacities up close, with guided tours presented by the site’s operators. Locations visited in the past include Austal Shipyards, the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson and HMAS Stirling.  

Annual WA Defence Workshop

The Annual Defence Workshop presents an opportunity for both SMEs and Primes to come together to discuss their shared concerns and interests.  Chaired by high profile industry representatives, these Workshops are free flowing and open, allowing all parties to assist in formulating common industry positions under Chatham House Rules.

End of Financial Year Networking Function

An opportunity for members and non-members alike to network and socialise in an informal atmosphere, discussing shared interests and meeting new contacts. Food is provided, and drinks are available for purchase.  
Christmas Function

The AIDN-WA Christmas function is a great way to round off the year for those involved in Defence and associated  industries, giving another opportunity for networking within a relaxed and enjoyable framework. It is conveniently held on the same day as AIDN-WA’s last Seminar and Networking Event of the year, directly after the event at a nearby venue.

Event listings and dates are not final and may be subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Events of 2017


Event: End of Financial Year Function 2017
  • Thursday, 22nd June 
  • Western Australia Club
  • Speakers: Paul Papalia, Paul Roberts, Serge DeSilva
  • Media Release HERE
  • Photographs HERE


Event: Balmoral Networking Function
  • Tuesday, 28th February, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Balmoral Hotel, Victoria Park
  • Media Release HERE
  • Photographs HERE

Events of 2016


Event: AIDN-WA Christmas Party 2016
  • Tuesday, 6th December, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Acqua Viva on the Swan
  • Details on RSVP TBA


Event: Tour of JFD's Advanced Subsea Rescue Facility

Speakers and Testimonials:

  • Toff Idrus, General Manager of JFD Australia
  • Terry Booth, AIDN-WA Vice-President
Conducted in Partnership With: JFD Australia and the Society for Underwater Technology


Event: Tour of BAE Systems' Henderson Facility

Speakers and Testimonials:

  • Richard West, Acting General Manager of BAE's Henderson Facility
  • Bill Townsend, WA Director of AmCham
  • Phil Hirschberg, President of the Western Australian Club
  • Colleen Yates, Regional Development Australia
Conducted in Partnership with BAE Systems and AmCham

Event: Tour of Civmec's Henderson Facility

Speakers and Testimonials:

  • Mike Deeks, General Manager, Defence, Civmec
  • Andrea Walters, Director of Personal Membership, Advocacy and Information Services, AIM WA
  • Serge DeSilva Ranasinghe, President, AIDN-WA
Conducted in Partnership with Civmec and AIM WA


Seminar: "Navy Base in WA Brings Contracts"

Speakers and Topics:

  • Types of Contracts Available
David Marshall, Base Support Manager

  • Government Defence Spending
Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead

  • Integration of Base and Local Community
Captain Brian Delamont, Base Commander

  • Conclusions
Mayor of Rockingham Barry Samuels and Tony Solin, CEO of Rockingham-Kwinana Chamber of Commerce

Conducted in Partnership with the Rockingham-Kwinana Chamber of Commerce and the City of Rockingham

Function: AIDN-WA End of Financial Year Function

Speakers and Testimonials:

  • Senator Louise Reynolds
  • Michael Mischin, MLC, Attorney General and Minister for Commerce
  • Tony Buti, Member for Armadale
  • Jonathan Smith, Common User Facility, Henderson
  • Rod Bowes, Civmec
  • Stewart Maddison, Orontide
  • Nick Daws, Fastwave
  • Joy Northover, Stafflink Personnel
  • Tony Routledge, AVI
Event Conducted at the WA Club

Events of 2015


Seminar: "Western Australia's Defence Undersea Sector"

Speakers and Topics:

  • "The Collins Class and the Evolution of Submarine Sustainment"
Andy Keogh, WA General Manager of ASC

  • "Development of Undersea Systems in WA"
Pat Hall, WA General Manager of Thales Australia

  • "Submarine Escape and Rescue"
Peter Horobin, General Manager of Australia and the Asia Pacific, James Fischer Defence

Sponsors: Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, Submarine Institute of Western Australia, ASC, JFD, Defence Health, the Australian Society for Defence Engineering, the Australian Marine Complex, and UVS


Seminar: Women in Defence Dialogue

Speakers and Topics:

  • "Women in the RAAF - A Statistic and Historical Overview"
Flight Lieutenant Elisha Kropp, Personnel Capability Officer, No. 2 Flying Training School, Royal Australian Air Force Base Pearce

  • "Women in STEM Industries"
Ms Tamara White, Materials Engineer, ASC West

  • "Women in ICT and Defence"
Ms Rebecca waters, Senior Software Engineer, Thales Australia

  • "The RAN and Diversity"
Captain Angela Bond, Commanding Officer of HMAS Stirling, Royal Australian Navy

Conducted in Partnership with: WA Chapter of American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)


Seminar: Minister for Defence Addresses WA's defence Industry

Speakers and Topics:

  • "The Future of Australia's Defence Policy and Opportunities for WA"
Minister for Defence, the Hon. Kevin Andrews

Conducted in Partnership with: The Innovation Centre of WA

Sponsors: Austal, Babcock, WA Department of Commerce


Seminar: What the Navy's Future Focus Means for WA

Speakers and Topics:

  • "Relationship Between the City of Cockburn and Defence"
Mr Daniel Arndt, Director of Planning and Development, City of Cockburn

  • "Strategy for the Future Navy"
Vice-Admiral Tim Barrett, Chief of Navy

  • "Providing Service to the RAN"
Mr Neil Hodges, UVS

  • "Fuel Filtration Equipment in the Marine Sector"
Mr Phillip Wheatley, CEO, Winchester Global

Seminar: Sir John Forrest Oration, 2015: Defence Aviation Sector

Speakers and Topics:

  • "WA and the RAAF"
Air Vice-Marshal Warren McDonald

  • "Potential for Australian Defence Contractors in a Globalised Market"
Mr Raydon Gates, Lockheed Martin

  • "Airflite and Opportunities for SME's in the Australian Defence Industry"
Kris Constantinides, General Manager, Airflite

Events of 2014


Seminar: “Defence Innovation Opportunities for WA Industry”

Speakers and Topics: 

  • “Defence Innovation Opportunities for WA Industry”

Dr Alan Hinge, Director CTD Program.

  • “What the CTD Program did for my company”

Peter James of Secure Systems Pty Ltd.

  • “What the CTD Program did for my company”

Tim Lyons of One Atmosphere Ltd.

Sponsors: DSTO

Media Coverage:
Image Gallery: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/48378


Seminar:  "The Future of WA's Defence Sector and Opportunities in the Indian Ocean Region"

Speakers and Topics:

Tim Speer, Chief Naval Architect, Austal

Phill Brown, Operations Director, Naval Ship Management

Tim Sawyer, Project Development Officer, Carnegie Wave Energy

Sponsors: Enterprise Connect, Marine WA

Media Coverage:
Image Gallery: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/53206


Sir John Forrest Oration 2014: Future of Army Modernisation and Global Defence Industry Opportunities

Speakers and Topics:

  • “The achievements of BEERSHEBA and building on these for Future Challenges”

Major General Jeff Sengelman, Head of Australian Army Modernisation

  • "Southeast Asia – Defence Landscape and Key Programmes”

Jon Grevatt , Defence Industry Analyst for IHS Jane's

  • "World Defence Industry – trends and opportunities”

Paul Burton, Director of Industry and Budgets for IHS Jane's

Sponsors: Australian Society of Defence Engineering, Thales Australia.
Media Coverage:

Image Gallery:  http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/54851


Function: End of Financial Year Networking
Image Gallery: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/53208


Workshop: 1st Annual WA Defence Workshop
Image Gallery: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/57001


Tour: Tour of Australian Marine Complex


Tour: HMAS Stirling Tour
Sponsors: Defence Reserves Support Council


Seminar: Navy Modernisation Trends and Defence Industry in WA

Speakers and Topics:

  • “The Western Horizon: Navy's Future Fleet and Opportunities for WA Industry”

Commodore Andy Gough, Director General Maritime Systems, RAN

  • “Common Use Infrastructure and the Productivity Game Changer”

Jonathan Smith, General Manager, AMC

  • “Sustainment of the ANZAC Class Frigates: Achieving Capability Preparedness”

Russell Parker, ANZAC SPO Sustainment Director

Sponsors: Wrays, Naval Ship Management, AMCHAM, Jakovich Centre

Media Coverage: 

Image Gallery: http://groupspaces.com/AIDN-WA-test/photos/album/57880

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