SME Collaboration of the Year Award

This award recognises outstanding collaborations between Western Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other players in the Defence space.

The current and emerging Defence market is focussed heavily on turn-key and low risk options that favour larger-scale solutions. Given that challenge, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to engage with Defence will often need to pursue collaborations, either with each other or with larger organisations to create comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of Defence.

This Award, given to an SME, is in recognition of a collaboration that has benefitted Defence as the end user, and highlights the importance of collaboration in the current Defence environment.

The Collaboration may include the following, but is not limited to:

    1. SME with SME
    2. SME with Prime Contractor
    3. SME with Manufacturer
    4. SME with Government / Defence
    5. SME with Universities (for Defence purposes)

Larger than two-party collaborations are also encouraged to apply.

This award will judge entrants on the following criteria:

    1. Creating or maintaining economic benefit for WA
    2. Creating or maintaining employment and/or skill development in WA
    3. Enhancing or Creating Defence Infrastructure in WA

In addition:

    1. Longer collaborations will be considered favourably, however short one-off transactions are encouraged to apply
    2. Shortlisted applications may be subject to some due diligence to confirm suitability for the award

This award will be presented at the end of each calendar year, and winning SMEs will receive:

    1. A plaque to celebrate the outstanding Collaboration and contribution to WA
    2. Spotlight articles in notable publications

Key Dates:

Launch at 2017 EOFY Function:
22 June 2017
Entries Close:
15 October 2017
Finalists Announced:
1 November 2017
Winner Announced:
AIDN WA Christmas Function

To apply please click HERE to download an application form and e-mail the completed form to 

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